Hedge Cutting

Beech, Hornbeam, Box, Privet, Yew, Cherry laurel, Leyllandii, Holly, Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Berberis...

Whatever your hedge, PLM Tree Services offers hedge cutting and trimming services designed to turn an eyesore into a beautiful outline to your place of work or garden.

A well-maintained and trimmed hedge significantly improves the overall appearance of your garden and home or office building. PLM Tree Services offers a complete hedge cutting and pruning service throughout the year from small domestic hedges to tractor flail hedge cutting of much larger hedges.

Whether you require a one-off service to reduce those overgrown hedges in and around your property, or require a regular hedge trimming service throughout the growing season, we have the professional expertise and special tools to tackle any type of bush, whatever the thickness.

Our rates are very competitive and we will happily call to provide a 'no obligation' quotation. All our work is of the highest standard and all hedge cuttings and clippings are removed - your hedge looks its best just after we've cut it!

So contact PLM Tree Services now to solve your overgrown hedge problems!