PLM Services plays an active role in improving landscapes and enhancing the natural environment through the work we carry out for our clients.  We are committed to managing and controlling the impact we have on the environment in ways that are socially and economically feasible.  As such we aim to:-
  • comply with all applicable environmental legislation
  • prevent pollution
  • reduce the impact of noise pollution from our activities
  • follow the waste hierarchy; reduce, re-use, recycle
  • manage and monitor environmental issues through an environmental management system
  • strive for a policy of continuous improvement
To achieve this PLM Services will as far as reasonably practicable provide
  • adequate training, supervision and management of any staff
  • practical and useful information, instruction and resource to meet our environmental policy commitments
  • environmentally sound and well maintained equipment
  • information to our clients and any sub-contractors on working in a sustainable manner.
PLM Services are aware that environmental issues are important at a global, national and local scale and support the UK Government's policies and aims to improve the natural environment for the benefit of future generations.