Qualified to Satisfy

Certificate Chainsaw
CS 39 The Use of a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness. All staff have been trained in the knowledge of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), risk assessments and emergency procedures. Prepare a chainsaw for use in a tree, sending the saw aloft and securing it to a harness. The knowledge of cutting techniques; step cuts; free fall sink cut; free fall horizontal step cut, hand held vertical and sink cut hand held. Target pruning, correct thinning cuts.
Climbing Certificate
CS 38 Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue. All staff are trained in the knowledge of risk assessments of tree climbing operations; to inspect and use a full range of tree climbing equipment; safely climb trees and move around the crown of trees, to carry out aerial rescues from trees and poles.
Certificate Felling
CS 31 Small tree felling. All staff trained in risk assessment and emergency of site work. Select and prepare equipment required for felling trees. Knowledge of felling small trees accurately; to fell leaning trees using correct cutting techniques. The removal of branches, cross cutting stems and stacking cut timber in a safe manner. Knowledge of taking down "hung-up" trees safely.
Chainsaw Certificate
CS 30.1/2 Chain saw maintenance, of parts of the saw chain; pitch and gauge; how the cutter works; chain sharpening; drive sprockets and re-tensioning of the chain; removing the guide bar and chain drive sprockets; checks and remedies. Knowledge of servicing; air filter; adjusting spark plugs; cleaning engine and fuel & oil filters. Starting saw, pre-cutting tests, cross cutting tension and compression.

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